Video: The dream retirement: Buy a vineyard


Would you be interested in a retirement like this and buying a vineyard?

Planning for retirement takes some time.  If you are looking to learn about diversifying your savings, and are interested in learning more about real estate notes, contact us and we would love to talk to you about your plans or answer your questions.





I never imagine owning a winery different type either you’re raising horses or you’re going and I don’t want my name is in California and I’m here to the beautiful valley and send it is and now I enjoy 51 and wonderful Creole food

out of knowledge hustle and bustle how years in New Orleans on Sunday dinner was always about being in the kitchen table there was always it’s wonderful beautiful and red one and all got a little small but I in 1985 became help when is the Director for national pension so that’s and it was time for me to start looking to retire and when I got I just had so much more life everybody people an experience and so I started making my gumbo and jambalaya so when you walk in this house you feel like with myself for my people

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