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The Checks Show Up In Your Mail Box Like Clockwork

Excited about your retirement returns?  Are you confident in our economy, our political leaders and our stock market to grow your retirement account?  If not, then Continue reading

Pros and Cons of We Buy Houses Flipping Companies


You only have to drive around your town for a little while to come upon “We Buy Houses” or “We Buy Ugly Houses” type signs plastered all around on telephone polls or street signs. The signs let you know that there is a company out there that will buy your home, no matter what state it’s in. These are investors who are looking to flip your house for a profit. Housing flipping has become a lucrative business model for a number of real estate investors. Continue reading

Vancouver just hit foreign homebuyers with a massive tax


If you’re not a Canadian, buying property in Vancouver will cost you.

Starting Tuesday, foreign buyers purchasing property in the Canadian City will be hit with a 15% property transfer tax.

The swift implementation of the tax was in response to exploding home prices in the city, and goes into effect eight days after it was announced.

It will also apply to buyers already in contract.

Real estate in Vancouver has been hot lately, with home prices up Continue reading


Should you spend everything on a home down payment?



Question from Devin, 31, in Kenora, Ontario: Kenora has high housing prices that may just be starting to plateau a bit. I’ve been looking at houses but so far what I’ve seen seems overpriced for what you get. I’m paying just under $950 a month for a small two-bedroom apartment with a nice deck and peaceful location. I’m struggling right now with whether or not I should be buying a house and what I can reasonably afford. I’ll have my TFSA topped up at the end of this year but is it wise to use it all as a down payment and rely on my other day-to-day savings I’ve built up for an emergency fund?

Answer: This is a tough question since there is no black-and-white answer. It’s common for young people to have to use all assets that they have (TFSA, RRSP and non-registered accounts) to come up with a down payment and it can be worth it. Here are some things to consider. Continue reading

Why most Americans are investing in real estate, not stocks

highlandcapitalsolutions.comIf you’ve been hesitant to dip your toe in the water when it comes tinvesting in stocks, you’re not alone. A recent Bankrate survey found that just 17% of Americans agreed that stocks are the best way to invest money that won’t be needed for at least 10 years. The two most preferred means of investing were cash (23%) and real estate (27%). Men were more likely to choose real estate as their preferred investment method while women were more likely to turn toward the safety of cash investments such as savings accounts and CDs. Continue reading

How to think outside your own box when investing in real estate

retirement real estateretirement real estate

The stock markets are roaring ahead and Canada’s housing market continues to climb higher, but Randy Dyck is getting a lot more satisfaction out of his core investments in other areas: land and buildings. Dyck owns his own home and some stocks, but the vast majority of his investments are multi-family and commercial buildings and land development across British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, which he holds outright or with other like-minded investors. “It’s my pension plan,” says the 50-year-old, who is also a real estate agent and Continue reading

Why You Should Be Investing In Real Estate

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As entrepreneurs find success with their primary business ventures, many search for the proper investments for their profits.

Of course, we can and should all start traditional tax preferred vehicles like an IRA and 401k. These are the bedrock of good ‘benefit’ planning for ourselves and our employees. I’m also convinced more entrepreneurs should consider Continue reading