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Selling Your Note

Selling Your Note

Highland Capital Solutions offers cash settlements for real estate notes. We look at certain criteria of the note in order determine the return on the investor’s capital outlay. Promissory notes are rarely sold at the face value of the note. While there is no set formula to determine the value of a note, HIghland Capital Solutions  uses specific criteria to determine the value that we pay when you are selling your note.

The criteria are:
1. The collateral
2. The borrower’s credit profile
3. Borrower’s down payment
4. Terms of the note – interest rate, length, escrow, etc.
5. Seasoning of the note
6. Paperwork of the note
7. Note servicing
If you would like to get a quote on your note, please contact us on the form to the right of this page.

Selling your note can be a great way to access future money that is locked up in a property or payments that you won’t be able to spend but need to access right now.

Highland Capital Solutions can purchase your whole note or if you are interested in keeping part of the note, we can purchase just a portion of the note for cash now and you can still have a future revenue stream from the note in the coming years.  The best of both worlds.

If selling your note sounds interesting, please fill out the form on this page  and let’s talk.

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