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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Real Estate


Maybe you think you want a revenue stream or you’re thinking about saving towards retirement. At any rate, you’ve decided you want to add investment real estate to your portfolio.

Wait a minute. Please take a little bit of time to step back and evaluate whether this is the best thing for your personal financial situation. Investing in real estate isn’t Continue reading

Why aren’t hotel chains more worried about AirBnB?

It looks as if Airbnb Inc. – the online service that lets people rent their homes to travelers – may become one of the world’s most valuable startups. The company is reportedly in advanced talks with private equity firms to raise funds that would give it overall market value of $10 billion – higher than major hotel brands such as Wyndham Worldwide (US$9.4 billion) or Hyatt  (US$8.4 billion).  With a strategy to clearly position themselves as a full-blown hospitality brand, such comparisons are both interesting and relevant. But are the company’s ambitions realistic? Continue reading

How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?

One of the most hotly contested questions in personal finance is the debate over the safe withdrawal rate for retirees. That is, how much can someone expect to spend sustainably from their investments during their retirement years?

This question seemingly has the power to drive people to madness, perhaps because it brings up a fundamental reality about our existence. When it comes to financial market returns, we cannot predict the future. What do we need to do to be safe? Continue reading