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What Donald Trump’s election could mean for home prices

President-elect Donald Trump started his career in real estate. His father was a real estate tycoon, and he has made a fortune building or licensing his name to luxury condominiums, hotels and casinos. But will that experience enable him to help the middle class, which faces a lack of affordable housing and rising prices? Continue reading

How To Do Investment Property Analysis


Buying an investment property and joining the world of real estate is exciting! Finding the best property is the catch. There are two types of data to look at when doing an investment property analysis: quantitative and qualitative. Let’s start with quantitative. There are many performance measures an investor can take into consideration while analyzing real estate investments. Make sure to focus on cash flow and returns and not Continue reading

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6 Reasons You Should Promote Yourself From Landlord to Real Estate Investor


Investors in real estate are not quite the same as landlords. Investors take more business risks and often times get better results and profits. It’s the big leagues of property investments.

The good news is that anybody can join the big leagues. Real estate investment entails more risks than merely leasing and overseeing a house in the case of landlord ownership. But the risks are worth taking as the result of good investment far Continue reading